The Art of David Floodstrand

    The Art of David Floodstrand  
David Floodstrand - Multimedia Artist.
  1. "Kiku Bath"
    "Kiku Bath"
    12.5 x 16.5 watercolor
  2. "Lighthouse"
    18 x 24 acrylic on canvas
  3. "Kiku Cats"
    "Kiku Cats"
    36 x 24 acrylic & watercolor on canvas
  4. "Pump Room "
    "Pump Room "
    11 x 15 acrylic & watercolor
  5. "Night Birds"
    "Night Birds"
    11 x 15 watercolor
  6. "Gold Coast Room"
    "Gold Coast Room"
    11 x 15 watercolor
  7. "Queenfish"
    11 x 15 watercolor
  8. "Surf Hotel"
    "Surf Hotel"
    11 x 15 watercolor
About The Artist: 
David is a multi-faceted artist endeavoring in a wide variety of mediums. His art encompasses various creative forms from pencil and ink, to watercolor, and acrylic, the written  word, music composition and performance.  All of his work is available for purchase, some are originals others are available as prints. This is only a small sampling out of a body of work of over 250 pieces, more will become available as digital photos of Mr. Floodstrand's work become available.

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